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Canadian Patent NO. 2788860 

“Eco” Concrete paver for infiltration of rainwater



  • Paver Thickness:
  • Module:
  • Pavers Per Sq. Ft:
  • Min compressive Strength:  
  • Max absorption:

3 1/8”
5” x 10”
8000 psi 


  • Eliminates or greatly reduces rainwater runoff
  • Replenishes soil moisture
  • Reduces pollutants from runoff
  • Produces a pavement surface suitable for pedestrians and auto
  • Makes possible the collection of rainwater for reuse
  • Low SRI Value
  • Earn LEED for Permeable Pavers

permeable interlocking concrete pavers are designed to reduce the rain water runoff from municipal, commercial and residential pavements.

TM pavers have self-aligning spacer  bars that provide a strong structural interlock and create the narrow joints between adjacent pavers. These narrow joints when filled with a course aggregate facilitate the swift infiltration of rain water.

TM pavers with their flat top surface, small chamfers and narrow joints makes this paver ideally suited for pedestrian and ADA pavement requirements.

TM pavers can be installed mechanically in a herringbone pattern for the best interlock. The herringbone pattern is recommended for all vehicle traffic applications. Other patterns such as runner bond and basketweave are also possible