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Bedding Sand:

A Large tote bag contains enough sand to cover 200 square feet to a thickness of one inch, while a small bag will cover 100 square feet to be a thickness of one inch. 

It's a high high quality, hard, clean "Colorado River" sand. This is ideal for paver installations and is the best available. When Delivered to your project in a polypropylene tote bag, means less waste, less mess, and of the proper quality. 



Snap Edge®:

Provides a strong, easy-to-install edge restraint for concrete pavers.

Quick and easy installation! This Edge systems allows for easy straight runes, curved and corner installations, Built-in connector fastens one piece to the next, unique "Snip and Flex" feature speeds installations of curves and corners.  We also have the spikes (3/8" Ø x 10" L) to anchor the Snap Edge® to the base.





Polymeric Joint Sand:

Polymeric Sand has a mixture of binders and sand that provides a firm lock in the paver joints. This system helps to prevent the growth of weeds, formation of ant hills and sand erosion. The Polymeric Sand is available in Beige or Granite colors in 50 pound bags.